Eyeshadow is unusually fragile, so storing, packing, and shipping it can be a real challenge. Whether you are shipping palettes on your own or are working with a third-party order fulfillment provider, it may be tempting to use an inexpensive bubble mailer to minimize labor, weight, and shipping costs; however, this tends to result in far too many palettes breaking in transit to keep your customers happy. At IronLinx, we have developed an approach to storing, packing, and shipping eyeshadow that consistently delivers your product intact and creates a positive customer experience.

Tips and Tricks: How to Store, Pack, and Ship Eyeshadow

Take these steps to store, pack, and ship your eyeshadow palettes:

  • Store Eyeshadow Carefully – Keep your eyeshadow inventory in a place where there is little risk of physical disturbance, temperatures are moderate and fluctuate within reasonable bands, and humidity is low.
  • Wrap Your Eyeshadow Palettes Generously – Protecting eyeshadow during shipment requires multiple layers of high-quality, thick bubble wrap (preferably ½ – ¾ inch thick or more). In our experience, three or four layers of wrap, secured with a piece of tape, should provide adequate protection.
  • Use a Box – Opt for a box instead of a bubble mailer. Choosing a box that comfortably fits the bubble-wrapped eyeshadow palette will allow it to travel safely. If the box is too snug, pressure during transit may break one or more of the internal powder containers. If the box is too large, the palette may bounce around inside the parcel and break.
  • Plan for Higher Shipping Costs – Because of its fragility and the need for extra protection, the labor, packaging materials, and shipping costs inherent to eyeshadow tend to be higher than you might think. When considering shipping costs, remember to consider both the actual and the dimensional weight of the package – for most carriers, dimensional weight adjustments (which can materially increase shipping costs) will be made if the actual package weight is over one pound.

Need Help?

If your beauty business is growing rapidly, IronLinx can assist with:

  • Designing and implementing the most optimal strategies for shipping your product
  • Navigating the packaging materials selection process
  • Offering fast and affordable shipping options to your customers
  • Positioning your business to scale more seamlessly

To learn more about the special handling and packaging needs of beauty and cosmetics items or our unique capabilities in the area of beauty and cosmetics order fulfillment, please reach out to us via our contact form.  We look forward to speaking with you.