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IronLinx’s eCommerce order fulfillment operation is particularly well-suited to the unique needs of the sellers of health and wellness products. From climate-controlled storage to routing guide compliancy and special packaging requirements, IronLinx has the experience and know-how to consistently deliver seamless experiences.

IronLinx provides deep shipping discounts for both domestic and international shipments.

IronLinx excels at custom pack-out processes and encourages the utilization of branded packaging materials.

Our SaaS-based WMS is robust, fully customizable and accessible from any internet-connected device.

IronLinx offers temperature-controlled storage for sensitive products.

Order Fulfillment for Health and Wellness Products

At four trillion dollars and counting, the wellness industry is on the move worldwide and the trend is unlikely to stop anytime soon. Ironlinx Fulfillment specializes in handling the unique fulfillment needs of health and wellness product sellers which often include climate-control, lot-control, wholesale routing guides, special packaging needs, and multi-channel integrations.

Climate Controlled Storage and Shipments

Health and wellness products are frequently susceptible to damage caused by extreme temperatures (hot and/or cold) as well as humidity. At IronLinx, we offer climate- and humidity-controlled storage options to protect sensitive products within our facility—and, in most instances, we are able to setup temperature-sensitive inbound and outbound freight and parcel options to protect products in transit.


Oftentimes, health and wellness products have expiration dates—making lot-control a critical component of the inventory management process. Our SaaS-based WMS is able to store, allocate, confirm, and report on products by lot to ensure that inventory is handled on a strictly first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis.

Wholesale Routing Guide Compliance

Routing guide compliance is a must when working with large retailers. Simple errors like mixing SKUs, not including enough invoices, using prohibited void fillers, etc. can lead to substantial charge-backs and even the rejection of entire shipments. IronLinx is also fully EDI-compatible.

Special Packaging Needs

Health and wellness products often have unique packaging requirements due to their temperature-sensitivity and fragility—most of which IronLinx is able to accommodate. Further, through a sister company, IronLinx is able to source, select, design, and procure a wide array of packaging materials including custom shipping boxes, custom display boxes, void fill, gummed paper tape, and more.

Multi-Channel Integrations

eCommerce is becoming increasingly multi-channel for all sellers—and health and wellness is no exception. It is more common than not for merchants to maintain multiple Amazon, eBay, and proprietary sales channels. IronLinx is pre-wired with more than eighty sales platforms including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Health and Wellness Order Fulfillment?

There is no universal answer to this question; however, when one or more of the following apply, it is likely time to start the conversation:

  • Routine operational tasks are preventing principals from being able to engage in sales, marketing, and/or other business development activities
  • Complex routing guides are being encountered on a consistent basis
  • Storage requirements are outgrowing existing storage capacity

Order Fulfillment for Health and Wellness Products: Notable Topics

The health and wellness industry is growing at a substantial clip; however, a particular product category appears to be on the verge of a material breakout at present: cannabidiol (CBD).  For a more complete exploration, see Order Fulfillment for CBD Products.

Another interesting area is turmeric. For more information, see Order Fulfillment for Turmeric Products.